Introductions are always so awkward.

Are my hands sweaty? Does my breath stink? Oh man, I bet my fly is down… again.

Alright… here we go.

My name is Ian and I like post-rock. I’ve been listening to it for years, and it has gotten to the point where I’d like to think that I might know the difference between good and bad post-rock. You’re free to call me a hipster, but frankly I don’t think my flannel collection is expansive enough for that title, and the only pair of skinny jeans I own are skinny on me because I’ve gotten fat.

Obviously, taste and personal preference are subjective. However, I don’t see the point of starting and maintaining a blog telling people what they shouldn’t listen to. So I’ll only be posting reviews of things that I think are worth both my, and more importantly, your time. All reviews should hover around the 500 word mark. Because paying attention is hard. I’m sure you’ve got important stuff to do. Or maybe you don’t. I’ll never judge you.

Along with that, I’ll tell stories, I’ll complain, and I’ll relay advice, stories, and complaints from people who’s advice, stories, and complaints matter more than mine.

If for any reason you should suddenly feel compelled to email me, whether it be requesting a review, submitting your own band’s material for review, (no Soundcloud links or solo projects, please. I’ll explain why for both in later posts…) or just to say hi, feel free to do so at


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