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Just like it says. Follow it, believe it, and acknowledge it.

Or don’t. I’m not your mom.

Whatever your life choices may be, here are all of my (non-review) opinion related pieces and journalistic endeavors in one tidy, easy to ignore place. The newest posts will be at the bottom.

“Introductions are always so awkward.” - Hello.

“Leave the bedroom and start making noise with other people.” - Why being in an actual band is important.

“My filthy pedigree.” - Where I’m coming from. Musically.

“Avant-garde-neo-sludge-neu-post-jazz-John-Cage-core-step. (A discussion on genre.)” - I use cheese to explain why if you’ve ever described a band using a genre name similar to the one above, you should be thrown off a bridge.

“DIY” - About bands crowd-funding their releases, tours, etc. A heartwarming coming of age tale of how I used to be a jerk, but blossomed into a much more tolerant individual with the help of some bands and a record label. It’s basically The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but about post-rock.

“Missed Opportunities & Damned Shames No. 1: Suffocate For Fuck Sake” - The first installment of not so many to come, about what I think are the best lesser know records that missed the memo about flying above the radar.

“"Minnesota Nice” - Why I don’t write negative reviews.“ - I’m not just handing out complimentary reviews here, people…


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