Review: Segments EP - This Sun No More

This Sun No More - Segments.jpg
Artist: This Sun No More

Album: Segments (EP)

Label: Self-released

Release Date: 17 April 2015


I don’t normally review EP’s. I just naturally have more of an affinity for full length albums. But I make exceptions for any EP’s that really catch my attention, and that I think might deserve yours as well. Here is one such exception from Stoke-On-Trent, UK based progressive/post-metal band This Sun No More.


Segments begins with “Storm”. An intro section of heavy riffs with proggy grooves propel the track forward until it drops the listener off a cliff into some sonic territory I haven’t heard in a while. I’m always glad when a new band takes me there, though. If you miss Oceanic era Isis as much as I do, there is definite homage being paid here to appreciate, but This Sun No More also maintain there own sound. It’s reminiscent, but not mimicry, and what originally led me to decide to do a review.

The second track on the EP, “Gut”, is plodding, largely dissonant, and sludgy. However, it never feels miserable or uncreative, which is endemic of slower, more introspective tracks in post-metal. This Sun No More seem to have a good ear for the tricky (and admittedly subjective) balance between atmosphere and outright stagnation from repetition. The almost 11 minute “Dis” finishes off the EP, and is fairly representative of its previous 15 minutes, but offers more than a rehashing of the first two tracks. The introduction of vocals adds a new texture and dimension to the track, wrapping up a solid first release from the band.

I like everything I’m hearing from This Sun No More on their Segments EP. The band are constantly adding new elements from one song to the next, and I’m not gonna lie: I’m anxious to hear what they can do over the course of an entire album.


This Sun No More’s debut EP, Segments will be available on April 17 through the band’s Bandcamp.








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